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Pye Barker Fire & Safety

In the Winter of 2023, I was appointed to a team of 18 students to ideate and design a fresh logo for Pye-Barker Fire and Safety.


Ultimately, the Pye-Barker team decided upon a logo not listed here. The following document outlines my personal takes and contributions to the design challenge.

Content Depicted in this case study is my own unless otherwise accredited.

Project Type:

Logo Design


Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop

Client's Logo


My Solution

Getting Started

When we met with the Pye-Barker team, they gave us a few guidelines to keep in mind as we began work. 

Unify the Philosophy

As an acquisition-based company, Pye Barker wanted to honor its constituent entities and their unique qualities.

Respect the Legacy

Pye Barker sought an up-to-date solution to an outdated logo; however, they wanted to ensure the company’s key values, as well as their rich history, were preserved.

Know the Audience

Pye Barker self-identified as a blue collar company; they wanted to maintain this image and remain approachable to clients.

The logos of some of Pye-Barker's constituent entities
Frame 6-2.png
Keeping with the legacy, the Pye-Barker team requested that we use their established brand colors.
The Pye-Barker team mentioned that the logos for Allstate and John Deere provided a sense of integrity and relatability that they aspired to have in their logo.


Refined Sketches

Final Logo

The following logo was among the final varieties proposed to the client.


pye-barker mockup.png


Although the logo outlined in this case study was not chosen by the Pye-Barker team, I am still so grateful to have worked with a group of like-minded individuals to create a result the client was happy with.

To see the final logo chosen by the Pye-Barker team, please click here.

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