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Stack [SAV] is a concept developed by designers Grace Marcy, Ta'Neil Cargill, Sia Tyagi, Angel Lin, and myself.


We were asked to propose an unorthodox business startup concept. We decided, why not address an issue right outside our doors?

Work displayed on this page is my own unless otherwise indicated.

Project Type:

Startup Concept


Adobe Illustrator, Indesign, After Effects

My Contributions:

Logo Design, Logo Animation, Editorial Design


Every year, the bar raises higher for families and individuals to make ends meet. Between stagnant wages and inflating costs of daily essentials, it is harder than ever to get by.

Savannah is no different. The profusion of investment properties, short-term rentals, and the Savannah College of Art and Design's property monopoly force Savannah natives to look elsewhere for reasonable living costs. 

Once a reasonable expectation, homeownership has become something of a fantasy. Lower-income individuals are forced to sink their paychecks simply to have a place to sleep at night, while landlords and short-term renters continue to dominate the real estate market.

Stack [SAV] is an innovative solution to the city of Savannah's ongoing housing crisis. By repurposing retired shipping containers from the city's port, we are able to make affordable and sustainable housing.

door printed.png
A model of Stack [SAV]'s 4-dwelling concept. Here, four individual homes are arranged in a compact site.
Model created and rendered by Angel Lin.

Stack [SAV] began as a single-dwelling unit concept, but plans to expand its offerings to family-style units composed of multiple shipping containers connected in a network.


Units may be sold furnished or empty. Here is an example of a furnished unit.

Each unit is equipped with electricity, plumbing, and HVAC.

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